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50 Coaching Questions

Below are 50 additional questions you may use in your coaching sessions. You can also assign a few of them as part of their homework for the week.

This resource is meant to be shared with anyone without altercation.

Feel free to copy and paste this to share with your clients, your friends, as a resource on your web site, in seminars-wherever self examination is needed. Just be sure to include along side of it (or at the top or bottom).

1. Where would you like this session to go today?

2. What do you love about your life?

3. What do you hate about your life?

4. How can you incorporate more of what you love in your life?

5. If you could change anything about your life, where would you start?

6. What is one thing you would of liked to have accomplished in your life by now?

7. What areas of your life need to be upgraded?

8. What are ten things you are tired of tolerating?

9. For each item what is the first step to eliminating all of your toleration’s?

10. What are five habits in your life that do not support who you truly are?

11. What is the first step to bettering your life?

12. What are the top five things you would like to accomplish before you die?

13. If there was no risk of failure, what would you try?

14. What are 25 things that make you smile?

15. If you change one thing in your life today, what would it be?

16. What are three actions you could take toward these goals this week?

17. What has to occur to up your commitment level to 100% so this action will be completed?

18. How will I know when you have completed it?

19. What is one thing you can do right now toward achieving your goal?

20. Who is in your support network?

21. Who would support this change you are trying to make?

22. Who wouldn’t’?

23. Should you eliminate this person from your life?

24. Who can you add to your support network?

25. What is one thing you can do for yourself each day?

26. When will you start your this new habit?

27. What can you do to make sure you do this habit?

28. How will you will I know when you’ve completed it?

29. In what way is your life perfect for you?

30. What are you grateful for?

31. What could you be grateful for?

32. What are 25 things your grateful for?

33. Who are 10 people you are grateful for?

34. What is the first step to improving your life?

35. How can I help you improve your life?

36. How can you change your life?

37. How do you want to look back at your life in 10 years?

38. What do you want to accomplish in the next 10 years?

39. In the next 5 years?

40. In the next 6 months?

41. What is the most common way you sabotage yourself and your plans?

42. How will you avoid that behavior this time?

43. What positive behavior can you replace it with?

44. When your goals are accomplished, what will your life be like?

45. How will you feel different?

46. If your life was ideal, what would it look like?

47. What would remain the same?

48. What would change?

49. How would you change?

50. How would your new life change you?

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