As a coach, because I am expected to live by example, does this mean I have to be perfect?

Of course not!

What this means is that you

1. must enjoy your life- no matter what state it is in
2. never give advice you yourself do not follow
3. understand that you- and everyone is work in progress
4. use affirmations as a way of changing your self worth and by extension your life
5. are constantly learning and applying the knowledge to your life
6. work to replace dysfunctional habits with productive ones
7. dust yourself off when something does not work out as you planned and you FIND ANOTHER WAY
8. have a vision for your life and pursue goals designed to get you there
9. are always making progress in one area or another in your life
10. understand that true change comes from within
11. live in gratitude- no matter what your life currently looks like

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