Become a Certified Professional Coach and Even Earn Your ICF Accrediting

 Learn How to Run Seminars For Clients, Write Books and Self Help Classes, Create Videos and More

“Classes are always stimulating, exciting and chock full of useful content! I am just beginning my coaching business and have 4 paying clients. [Expect] a plethora of new content each week.”

Sandra Lenington, graduate and certified life coach, certified recovery coach.

If you want to make the career switch to a professional coach who works from home then this program is for you. No previous business or coaching experience necessary- you will learn everything here.


  • How to coach others through difficult times.
  • How to become a specialized coach (weight loss coach, Christian coach, relationship coach).
  • How to set up a professional website.
  • The number one way to get clients.
  • The number one way to motivate your clients.
  • How to guarantee your clients are happy.

“No matter what area of coaching or passions that you may want to pursue, the CANA program is able to provide for you the expertise necessary to move forward with your coaching goals.”

Coach Meridith Dee Alspektor

Why Should You Become Certified?

For 2 very simple reasons:

  1. Your clients want to know that you are trained and certified. Being able to tell them you are certified helps them trust you and feel confident in your abilities.
  2. A coach needs to know how the human mind operates. Including what stops people who are motivated from attaining their goals and how to make life change easier and permanent. This has to be learned.

Your certification and diploma are valid internationally.

Program highlights:

  • Earn your life coach certification plus become certified in three other specialized areas of your choice.
  • You will also automatically earn your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) accreditation from the International Coaching Bureau (
  • You will be assigned a mentor coach to personally answer any questions you have about coaching and opening your own coaching business.
  • You will learn how to open a successful coaching business right out of your home.
  • You will learn how to help people in almost facet of their life

ICF Hours

You will earn 125 coach-specific hours for use when applying the ICF for further accrediting.

Program Start Date

The self study version is available now.

The live tele-class version starts every few weeks but register soon to ensure a spot in our program. This program is accessible via conference call and is held once a week.

If you are unable to attend classes are recorded for download to your computer, BlackBerry, iPhone or any MP3 player.

You can use Skype, an internet phone, a home phone, your cell phone (add the number to your friends and family plan).

Current start date: Register and chose from a variety of day and evening classes.

Would you like the speed of completing the home study but the hours needed for ICF accrediting? All students who register for the live version receive the home study version free. This means you are able to become certified faster and yet still attend classes to earn your ICF hours.

Class Information

This program runs for 8 months and is held on the same day/ time each week. On your scheduled day your simply call in to be connected to your class. Your weekly class notes and all the accompanying materials are down-loadable (so you can easily print them off and use them with clients.)

Class will be approx. 1-2 hours and will be held the same time each week. CLASSES WILL BE RECORDED IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND.

Self study students work at their pace through the lessons that are down-loadable and have accompanying audio(there are more then 14 lessons). You would have two years to complete this program. The average student can graduate in under 8 weeks (and you still have access to the materials after you graduate).

Mentor Coaching and Buddy-Coaching

With both the live and home study version, immediately upon registering you are paired with a mentor coach.

This coach is already a professional, well respected coach who is here to answer any questions you want.

With the live tele-class version you have phone and unlimited email access to your mentor coach. Just connect with them anytime you have questions- before and after you graduate.

With the self study you have unlimited email access. Just connect with them anytime you have questions- before and after you graduate. (Of course, anytime you have an important situation you are welcome to phone.)

With the tele-class version you will be paired with another coach in the program to practice your new skills with, gain experience and earn coaching hours. We call this “buddy-coaching”.

Program Training

Your training includes:

Life Coach Training

  • Increasing successful habits in your clients
  • Breaking bad habits for good
  • Learn the steps for identifying and creating the life your client wants
  • Using the life coach wheel
  • Teaching your clients how to live and work in their passion and with their passion
  • Identifying and changing incorrect belief systems that cause low self-esteem
  • How to use over 25 life changing assessments and tools with clients

“I am so excited to put this info to work on myself first and everyone else after I can represent the effects of these tools!” Professional Coach Denise King

Career Coach Training

  • Finding your client’s ideal career (based on strengths, opportunities and passion)
  • Identifying your client’s passion (tools and assessments provided) and helping them live it
  • Working with your client to increase their income
  • Working with clients during career transitions
  • Common career tests and assessments

Health and Wellness Coach Training

  • How sick people get well
  • Stress identification and reduction assessment and tools
  • The lifestyle differences between healthy people and sick people
  • The 8 health and wellness areas to test your clients in (assessment provided)
  • How to use the wellness wheel
  • Learn the 5 step process for coaching your client’s to better health

“…They will be great to use in my business…The calcium chart is wonderful. Love the references. I can see using the action plan from the Ideal Self Tools with health and wellness too. Thanks a bunch for all the tools you are giving us!!!” Nurse and Professional Coach Karen Roberts

Christian Coach Training

  • Helping clients trust God
  • Helping clients become closer to God
  • How to use Christian tools and assessments (provided, including the Spiritual gifts test)

Relationship Coach Training

  • The difference between functional and dysfunctional relationships
  • Understanding and resolving disputes
  • How to get out of inappropriate and damaging relationships
  • Ensuring your clients are moving toward the same goals
  • Pre-marriage coaching (includes questions both parties should have answers to before marriage and getting over the first year “bumps”)
  • Marriage coaching (including increasing the love and passion, understanding why people have affairs, getting back “on track” afterwards, how to fight fair, how to trust, how to forgive, how men and women to show love differently, the number 1 reason couples argue)
  • Recovery after divorce

“I’m leaning toward relationship coaching and found this class very helpful. I learned there are a lot of tools and exercises you can use to help couples restore their marriage and relationship. There are so many amazing resources available to us as coaches that can help restore people! Yes, another one [course] I would recommend.” Janean R. Davis




Coaching From a Spiritual Perspective

  • Getting in touch with your inner power and strength
  • Christian verse Spiritual coaching (the differences, the similarities)

Wealth Increase Coach Training

  • The system of the wealthy (what to save, what to invest, what to spend)
  • How to use income tracking tools (provided)
  • How to build a nest egg from seemingly nothing

Success and Goal Attainment Coach Training

  • Achievement of seemingly impossible goals
  • Goal identification and attainment- the success coaching process
  • The successful mindset your clients need to have
  • How to motivate your clients to get them to the next level in their life

Weight Loss Coach Training

  • Why your clients overeat
  • How to motivate your clients
  • Why clients will have in the past and often do fail to attain their goals (and the #1 way to prevent this)
  • Learn which diet and exercise plan is the right one for your clients
  • Learn and understand why people who have coaches are 90% more likely to get to their weight-loss goals

“I really like these tools. They are really clear and easy to explain to a client. Thank you!”Professional Coach Kimberly Pettiford


Your certifications are valid in over 35 countries worldwide.

Upon graduation you will have enough hours to apply for ICF accrediting and receive the following certifications/ designations:

  • Life Coach Certification (designation CLC)
  • Associate Certified Coach (designation ACC from the International Coaching Bureau)

Plus choose 3 other coaching niche certificates of your choice. The * symbol indicates we provide training for you through this program (alphabetical).

  • Christian Coaching Areas
      • Certified Christian Coach (designation CCC) *
      • Certified Bible Based Coach (designation CBBC) *
      • Certified Parish Coach (designation CPC) *
  • Career Coaching Areas
      • Certified Career Coach (designation CCC) *
      • Certified Career Passion Coach (designation CCPC) *
      • Certified Career Planning Coach (designation CCPC) *
      • Certified Career Transition Coach (designation CTC) *
  • Health and Wellness Areas
      • Certified Diet Coach (designation CDC) *
      • Certified Health and Wellness Coach (designation CHWC) *
      • Certified Health Coach (designation CHC) *
      • Certified Health Recovery Coach (designation CRC) *
      • Certified Nutrition Coach (designation CNC) *
      • Certified Weight Loss Coach (designation CWLC) *
  • Life Coaching Areas
      • Certified Divorce Recovery Coach (designation CDC) *
      • Certified Life Planning Coach (designation CLPC) *
  • Psychological Coaching Areas
      • Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach (designation CNLPC) *
      • Certified Psycho-Therapy Coach (designation CPTC) *
      • Certified Psychological Coach (designation CPC)
      • Certified Therapy Coach (designation CTC) *
      • Certified Sports Psychologist Coach
      • Certified Domestic Abuse/ Violence Coach
  • Relationship Coaching Areas
      • Certified New Marriage Coach (designation CNMC) *
      • Certified Marriage Coach (designation CMC) *
      • Certified Pre-Engagement Coach (designation CPMC) *
      • Certified Prosperity Coach (designation CPC) *
      • Certified Relationship Coach (designation CRC) *
      • Certified Relationship Repair Coach (designation CRRC) *
  • Success Coaching Areas
      • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach (designation CEIC) *
      • Certified Empowerment Coach (designation CEC) *
      • Certified Goal Attainment Coach (designation CGAC) *
      • Certified Laser Coach (designation CLC) *
      • Certified Motivational Coach (designation CMC) *
      • Certified Self Talk Coach (designation CSTC) *
      • Certified Success Coach (designation CSC) *
      • Certified Transformational Coach (designation CTC) *
  • Wealth Coaching Areas
      • Certified Abundance Coach (designation CAC) *
      • Certified Debt Management Coach (designation CDMC) *
      • Certified Financial Recovery Coach (designation CFC) *
      • Certified Prosperity Coach (designation CPC) *
      • Certified Wealth Coach (designation CWC) *
  • Other areas you must have experience in:
      • Certified Addictions Coach (designation CAC)
      • Certified Blended Family Coach (designation CBFC)
      • Certified Co-Dependency Coach (designation CCDC)
      • Certified Spiritual Coach (designation CSC)
      • Certified Empty Nest Coach (designation CENC)
      • Certified Family Coach (designation CFC)
      • Certified IVF Coach (designation CIVFC)
      • Certified Mystic Coach (designation CMC)
      • Certified Parenting Coach (designation CPC)
      • Certified Pregnancy Coach (designation CPC)
      • Certified Retirement Coach (designation CRC)

Program Modules

This program covers over 16 modules PLUS the niche coaching materials in the areas mentioned above.

Common Questions New Coach Have: How do I accept payment? What is the coaching process? How is coaching different from therapy? Do I need to be ICF accredited? What is the ICF?

Goal Attainment Module: Learn which goal setting formula (SMART, Grow etc.) is the most effective when working with your clients.

Action and Strategy Plan Module: Learn how to create a strategic plan for your clients that will GUARANTEE they get to their goals.

Coaching Questions Module: Learn the two most important questions you could ever ask your clients. Learn questions for specific niches including addiction coaching questions, spiritual coaching questions, weight loss coaching questions and relationship coaching questions.

Unlocking Your Passion Module: How do you decide on a niche or speciality? How do you discover what truly makes your client sing in life?

The Business of Coaching Part 1 and 2: Learn all about website set up for the novice, how to accept payment, how to look professional and be professional, coaching contracts you need for your clients and what all SUCCESSFUL businesses have in common. If you decide you want to work from home this module is for you.

Marketing: What will GUARANTEE you get clients? Tune in to find out! All the coaches that have come through this program and gone on to be professional coaches follow the same techniques and secrets.

Group Coaching Module: How do you run a group coaching session? What forms do you need? How much do you charge? What are MasterMind groups? Who should you allow to join? Learn all the answers you could possibly have about group coaching.

Tests and Assessments Module: When and which assessments do you use on clients? Gain access to the Spiritual Gifts test, the Success Predictor test and the Unlocking Your Passion test. (Plus more!)

Seminars and Workshops Module: Learn the benefits of seminars and how to host large ones to intimate ones in your community. In addition you will learn the number one way to GUARANTEE attendance.

Motivation Module: What really, truly motivates people? What gets them through the rough times and to their goals? If you had 30 seconds to motivate someone what should you do? Learning this information is crucial to success.

Additional Information Covered Through Your Program

  • Making the transition to a full time professional coach from your current job
  • Coaching your clients through forgiveness, guilt, childhood traumas
  • How to avoid the mistakes new coaches make
  • The coaching techniques the professionals and seasoned coaches use
  • Coaching tools and handouts (both novice and advanced techniques that you can use with your clients)
  • How to break habits permanently (If you do not know this simple technique the dysfunctional habit will not end!)
  • The psychology of success and successful life change (Change can be easier when you know this proven process.)
  • Client typing: How to question, motivate and understand different client types (the mom, the student, the manager, the professional, the artist…)
  • The 5 best questions in coaching
  • What every coaching website must have
  • BONUS: Earn testimonials from your mentor, instructor and other coaches!
  • Assessments and tests for you to use with your clients (finding their passion, identifying strengths and values, uncovering what makes them happy, personality profiling, Myers-Briggs and more)
  • Marketing how to and assistance, plus free online marketing and articles listings for your business
  • How to name your business (there are important tips and you will want to avoid the number 1 mistake coaches make when naming their business)
  • All the goal attainment secrets the pros use
  • Niche instruction (Christian coaching how to, relationship coaching how to, weight loss coaching how to, career coaching how to and so on.)
  • How to begin, lead and end every coaching session
  • Raising self worth dramatically in 30 days
  • Why every coach should write a book (and how to)
  • How to write professional and compelling articles
  • BONUS: Get free resources for your website
  • How to set your fees and collect money (if you specialize in a niche- included in your tuition- you are able to charge higher then the normal rate)
  • Understanding how to identify your client’s purpose
  • How to have a website like this one (under $3/ month!)
  • How to email coach, phone coach and in person coach
  • How to run a seminar or workshop (how to ensure people to show up!)
  • The biggest errors new coaches make (and how to prevent them).
  • How to have a practice that allows you to travel abroad
  • BONUS: Public speaking course available to all students and graduates
  • NLP coaching, laser coaching, transformational coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, ontological coaching and more.
  • How to choose your coaching niche (which area needs the most assistance, which area is the most popular right now, how much to charge per niche etc.)
  • Coaching models: Vision to Goals coaching model, DVGS Coaching model, 8 Steps to Success Comprehensive Coaching model, Grow coaching model, SWAT coaching Model, Christian Coaching model, Weight Loss Coaching model
  • Mind mapping, brainstorming, life planning
  • Coaching with affirmations
  • Self talk coaching
  • BONUS: Quick-flip reference guides to use when talking with clients on various topics such as step by step coaching session breakdown and goal setting steps
  • How to run a mastermind group or a coaching group

Materials List

Although we have hundreds of pages of materials that you have access too upon registering, here are a few of our favorites (some are niche focused):

  • New Coaches “Get Started and Become a Coach Now!” Toolbox
  • Coach’s Success Checklist
  • How to Increase a Client’s Happiness Level
  • How to Motivate Anyone
  • Start-up Budget Breakdown For Coaches (Under $500.00 to Open Your Practice)
  • Success Coaching Made Affordable (a resource for your clients)
  • Step by Step Coaching “How-to” Chart to Use as a Reference During Sessions
  • Turning Your Life Around- A Christian Perspective (Christian coaching resource)
  • 2 Most Important Rules of Change
  • 6 Items Every Coach Has
  • The 6 Jobs of a Relationship Coach (relationship coaching resource)
  • What the Healthiest People in the World Know (health and wellness coaching resource)
  • How to Talk to Non-Christians (Christian coaching resource)
  • How to Create a and Sell Your Book (includes topic ideas)
  • Creating a Blog- Step by Step Directions
  • Creating a Professional Website For $5/ Month (a “how to” for the novice)
  • 5 Questions Guaranteed to Increase and Incite Motivation
  • How to Market Online and Offline- 60 Ways (most of which cost nothing)
  • How to Take Your Income and Practice to the Next Level
  • Thinking of Becoming a Life Coach manual
  • Professional Coach Checklist
  • Questions Every Coach Needs to Answer
  • Setting Up Your Own Coaching Practice guide
  • Your First Session With a New Client timetable and graph
  • Coaching Relationship timeline (what topics to cover during your coaching relationship)
  • Session Formula guide (what to talk about and when)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is mentor coaching included in both programs?

Yes. Immediately upon registering you are assigned to a professional coach who will mentor you as you make the transition to becoming a professional coach.

I want to be a Christian coach (for example), how do I go about this?

The first step is to register for this program. And at no additional cost we will certify you as a Christian coach. You will receive some helpful information on the topic.

How long does the program last?

The live tele class program is 12 weeks. Classes are held once a week (excluding holidays) and range from 1 to 3 hours per class. Classes are held by phone.

Outside of class time expect 1-3 hours of study, coaching practice or business building per week.

The self study program is 8 weeks, based on the completion of 2 lessons per week. (You are able to work at your own pace.)

How is my final exam conducted?

The final exam is downloadable as well and is open book short essay questions. Your mentor or instructor are here if you have any questions regarding it.

How long after I complete the course work will I have to wait for my certifications?

If your work is completed and your account is paid off within a few days of submission you will have your certifications and paperwork. If you have a good payment history with us you are welcome to graduate, receive your certifications and continue to make your monthly payments.

Current Bonus Materials For Registering With Us


The contract you need to have every client sign prior to beginning your coaching relationship with them. This contract has been reviewed extensively by contract attorneys and is good to be modified to include your business information.


This method has been tested and proven time and time again.


Evidence has shown that success occurs when armed with these two “tools”.


Over 400 of the wealthiest people in America were interviewed by Forbes and asked to name the number 1 secret to their wealth.


You need a professional business start up plan and we have it for you.


You will know where to begin with every client you coach. You will learn what questions to ask and when and how to proceed from the first session through to goal attainment.



How the Program Works

Almost immediately after you register your personal mentor coach will send you an email welcoming you to the program.

Every week you will call into the class time that works best with your schedule and make notes on the module materials you have printed out before hand.

Whether you are on a payment plan or not you will have immediate access to your student center.

Located in the student center are your notes and various coaching and self help materials.


YOU ARE ABLE TO DESIGN TO YOUR PAYMENT PLANS- one payment made every 30 days until your account is paid off. (No interest and no penalty for paying your account off early.)

We offer an IRON CLAD 100% money- back guarantee for the live tele-class version.

All we ask is that you do your part:

  • Attend all the tele-classes.
  • Make your payments on time.
  • Complete the work.

If you do not feel that you have learned life changing information we will refund 100% of your tuition.

Live tele-class 12 week version:

100% money-back guarantee live tele-class version: $4299.00 USD. Currently on sale for a limited time for $3299.00. Payment options located below.

Tuition Plan Options

Fees subject to rise at anytime. But if you register at this price the fee will not rise on you. Choose a payment below to register and begin today.

To create your own payment plan, choose the link below.

We do accept grants and often companies will pay for this training as well.