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Top 5 Questions a Potential Client Will Ask You

To help you become more confident as a coach, have these answers ready before you meet with new clients.

What are your qualifications?

Include personal and professional experience, as well as your certifications, accreditation and awards you have won through CANA and other institutions.

How long have you been in business?

As soon as you register with CANA you begin practicing your coaching skills with clients, thus you are able to say you have been coaching clients since your registration date.

How does the coaching process work?

This is where you explain to your client that you meet together once weekly for a minimum of 3 months or until they have reached goals in their life that they have only dreamed of.

How much do you charge?

Most coaches make a very large error here: they charge too little making themselves seem inexperienced.

As you will be a life coach and a specialized coach certified in a niche of your choosing you will have very little competition and are able to charge top of the line fees. Starting fees are a $185.00 an hour.

Collecting money from a client signifies their commitment to the life change process. This is a very important motivator for them to see this through.

Do you have payment plans?

You must decide if you allow payment plans how much to charge per month.

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Helping My Client Find Their Passion

So you have a new client- good for you!

They feel lost and need assistance to find their passion.

Take the following steps:

1. Download the Passion Test:

2. Download the lesson 2 companion guide below:

Quick Reference Guide- Unlocking Your Client’s Passion

3. Ask the following questions:

What is your ideal life? (Just to get the ideas rolling.)
What is your favorite type of non fiction book to buy? (To gather areas of interest.)
What is your favorite topic to discuss with others? (They must be passionate to discuss it this much. This may not be the exact area they should be pursuing but you can gather some more ideas from this. For example, I love Walt Disney World. Love WDW. But I do not need to work there to be happy. Aspects of what I love about Disney can be incorporated into my life: Bright colors, child like enthusiasm, positivity.)

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How to Have The BEST Year Ever

By coach Mackenzie Pearce

1.       Do what you love. Life is short. Do not waste time on what you feel you should be doing when you can be spending time do what you love. The rest will get done when it is meant to get done and by whom it was meant to get done by. (This may or may not be you.)

2.       Laugh more. Spend time avoiding negativity (do not watch news for example) and more time engaging in activities that make you smile.

3.       Live like you only had this 1 year left on this earth. What would you spend your precious time doing then??

4.       Leave it ALL in God’s hands. Yes, ALL. For most of you this might be a new habit you need to continually work on. How? Every time you feel stressed or worried repeat “God will take care of it. I just do the best I can with what He has given me so far.” Do this because it WORKS. All will be taken care of. It is really quite amazing.

5.       Practice mindfulness. This really is the only way to feel true joy or peace.

6.       Surround yourself with mementos that make you smile and get rid of (box up or give away) any photos or memorabilia that make you sad. Even of loved ones who have passed. After all, if you passed on would you want your niece, cousin or son crying over your picture? Of course not. You would want for them to live the best possible life. A joyful life. Not seeing painful or bittersweet reminders does not mean you will forget. It just means you will remember on your terms.

7.       Start the day with a “good for you” habit. Tea with God? Meditation with nature? You decide and be enthusiastic and diligent in maintaining this helpful habit.

8.       Get rid of everything in your house that does not represent the person you are or want to be. Give it away to let others benefit from it. If you cannot part permanently from your items, store them. A clean space = a clean mind.

9. Tell someone how much you love your coach training. You may be surprised at the conversations and clients it gets you! (And okay, this one is also to help make my year the best ever;)

10.   Try Yoga. Especially if you have difficulty meditating with God, join a yoga class. TRUST ME- you will love it.

11.   Let the bad disagreements flow through you this year instead of engaging and reacting. This will take practice but it is worth it. You do not need to get taken in by other’s drama.

12. Learn something new. Study anything from business to mindfulness. The rewards are amazing.

13. Manage your time well. Spend 15 minutes at the beginning of your week with your day planner and long term goals. Review your long term goals then sit down and schedule at least 2-3 tasks in the upcoming week that will get you closer to that goal. Once that is done schedule tasks that bring you joy. Following that include everything else. A big key to not feeling overwhelmed is to take it one day at a time from that point on. When something new comes up schedule it but then return to your “one day at a time” mentality. With some practice you will see how easy and relaxing life can be.

14.   Take the BACC program again. There is nothing like hanging out with people who have similar interests and goals! And bonus- you will learn quite a bit as well.

15. FORGET ABOUT LAST YEAR. Just let it go.

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2011 Sample Class Calendar

Every month additional free classes are held on a variety of topics regarding coaching (niche coaching) and the business of being a coach (websites, marketing).

All students and graduates of any program are allowed to attend as many of the classes as they choose at no additional cost to them.

These classes are in addition to your regular weekly classes for your program. Classes are recorded if unable to attend.

April 2011 Class Schedule

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Final Coaching Summit Line Up!

2010 Coaching Summit Class Line Up

Attend 4 classes to receive your certification.

Note: To attend Sandra Lenington’s class on Webinars you need to click the link below:

Please click here to join this meeting. Or use this link:

Note: If you are attending the Organizational and Time Management class led by Kelley Kemp please download the notes below.

Download notes.

Note: If you are attending So You Want to Write led by Janice McMillian please download the handout below.

Book Publishing Coach

Note: If you are attending Tishawn Seaton’s class on Christian coaching please download the following PDF.

Coaching Summit 2010 Notes

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How Do We Get Past Our Fears? By Coach Gianna Aston

According to Psychology Today, “Fear is a vital response to physical and emotional danger-if we couldn’t feel it, we couldn’t protect ourselves from legitimate threats. But often we fear situations that are in no way life-or-death, and thus hang back for no good reason”.

Huh–for no good reason? Interesting. Then why do we hang on to fear? Have you ever heard the saying, “fear is a four letter word”? No kidding! What if we instead accepted that fear stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real? Now that’s an acronym I like!

Many of us battle fear in some way or another on a weekly, daily or sometimes hourly basis! The human mind is fascinating – it loves a great habit, one it can be familiar with – like a favourite record… (for those of you born after 1980 – just insert C.D. where record is used…) you know what I mean? We are capable of replaying the same fear over and over in our minds – regardless of the presence of any actual truth involved with what we fear. Interestingly, when we encounter and attempt change in our lives our brains can’t determine whether the changes will benefit us or not. So the brain’s first filter would say something like “this is a different album–I don’t recognize it and therefore, and I don’t want it”. The brain tries to maintain a nice even state of homeostasis; it’s like it has a big sign across its front door stating “No Change Allowed”. So how do we get past our fears?

Here are some tips:

º Acknowledge the fear (oh, there you are!) then let it go.

º Use positive language when speaking to yourself. Telling yourself “not” to do or think something will cause us to do or think that exact thing. Try “I will do this” or “I am worth it”.

º Try using imagery in your mind. Imagine the new scenario playing out just as it should. Imagine the surroundings, the conversation, and the scent in the air if there is one – create a path for your mind to follow.

º Get a new drug. No, not literally…the brain releases a good old shot of adrenaline when we get fired up. Create a new way – go for a walk or run, dance to some great music in your kitchen – whatever you want – to give yourself a better “fix”.

º Repeat “This change is good for me” or whatever tagline is useful and effective for you.

º Just like in driver training, look where you want to go, and the rest will follow. Make a plan, focus on the greatness in the change, and go there!

º Hire a life coach to guide you as you forward your actions (banish that fear) and deepen your learning. I know, a bit of a shameless plug…

Finally, I want to leave you with this–change happens and there is much richness in the changes in life. Enjoy the ride!


Gianna Gianna Aston Professional Life Coach

Feel free to drop me a line at;

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Webinars For Newbies! Free class!

New Media Training
Saturday, August 28, 2010
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern Time  Add to Calendar
Conference Call Number: Toll Number: 218-339-2409 Attendee PIN: 9749796

Please click here to register and receive your login instructions.

Personal message from Sandra Lenington:

Step by Step Instruction and Tips for Choosing and Running a Webinar
What is a webinar?
Why would you need to use it?
Why not just do a teleseminar?
What are the downsides to webinars?
How to choose the best solution for you?
Tips to succeed

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