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Submit an Article!

Are you a coach who would like additional website visits from potential clients?

Do you have knowledge on a topic that is related to coaching or that coaches would find helpful?

Then you are welcome to submit an article to us!

It is actually very easy to do. Just write an article that is connected to coaching (or life change, life improvement, Christianity, Spirituality, self esteem, relationships, wealth, finance coaching, website building, marketing, business assistance and so on) and include your name and website information at the bottom.

From there just email it to the academy director for inclusion on our site.

The email address for submission is

As a student you will earn points for every article you submit.

Emphasis on the “how to” or general tips and advice format is recommended. Some examples are:

  • How to Become Closer to God
  • Tips For Reducing Stress in Your Life
  • How to Choose Your Coaching Niche
  • How I lost 30 Pounds- Practical Steps to Weight Loss

Your article may also be sent out to all the students and graduates we have on our email roster.

Note that the best articles have only a few key points and a really amazing title (make sure your title states what your article is about!).

Now, get writing!

For more information on how to write articles, click here.

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Writing Articles: 6 Pieces of Advice

When writing articles I have 6  pieces of advice:

1. Love your topic. If you do not have passion for the topic do not bother addressing it as it will clearly come across to your visitor.

2. Address a problem- and provide a solution. The best articles are entertaining, personal and address a problem (including steps to resolve this problem).

3. Make your article topic (the problem you are addressing) clear in the title. This will help you attract your ideal reader.

4. Write how you speak. Do not use words you would not use in everyday conversation. Try reading the article out loud to see how it flows.

5. Keep the article short and make sure the main points of the article stand out. People have short attention spans these days and it helps if the article is formulated similar to this:

Drink at least 4 glasses of water per day when working to lose weight.

Try carrying your water bottle with you throughout the day. This will help create the habit of …

6. Do not worry about length. Just write what is in your heart.

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The #1 Mistake People Make When Creating Articles

So you have penned a new article, have you? Is it your most amazing piece of work yet? I bet it is!

I know what that is like- the love, the excitement, the pride you feel when you have finally hit “save”. You cannot wait to send it out.

But just before you do, would you please take a few moments, look at the title and ask yourself “does this title tell my audience exactly what my article is about?

Too many times people underestimate the importance of an article title. For the most part people read articles and resources because they want to learn something new, fix something broken (physically or emotionally) or improve something in their lives.

Does your article help them do this? Does it inspire them to change something in their lives?

If is does, let them know that right in the title so they do not pass it by mistakenly thinking that your beautiful words do not apply to them.

You were meant to help someone with your stories. Do not let anything, especially a title, stand in your way.

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Before the Book, Develop Your Voice and Writing Style by Coach Janice McMillian

As a coach, a book can be a distinct calling card of who you are and what you do. Your expertise can be expressed in your book through your voice. We all have our own system of expression and style and that carries over into our writing. No two people have the same writing voice. Essentially, you are selling your unique perspective on life, your collection of beliefs, fears, hopes, dreams, failures and triumphs. Your perspective of life is filtered through your individual experiences and it is delivered through your writing voice.

Voice is a combination of:

  • Style + theme + personal observations + passion + belief + experiences.

Voice is the fluidity of sound that is released from:

  • Your heart – to your head – to your hand – as you bring them to life through words.

To help you share what is in your heart, here are 5 tips that will jumpstart the process of developing your voice.

  1. Write honestly from your heart. Allow true emotion to be revealed through your words. The best way is by revealing everything that concerns you about your writing topic. This will mature you into a colorful and more descriptive writer.
  2. Set a timer for five minutes and write. Give yourself the assignment of writing non-stop for 5 minutes. Don’t worry about grammar, tone or other editorial blunders; just get the feel of writing and releasing your thoughts. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish during this short timeframe.
  3. Make reading a passion. Coaches who aspire to be writers must read, they both go hand in hand. Consider reading all types of books, periodicals, short works, and other written projects that are related to your niche.
  4. Create writing topics. As you begin to broaden your reading interests, identify a variety of writing topics that you can write about regarding your niche. Dig into that topic and bring out of yourself how you feel and what you know about this new writing topic and how it can be of interest to your client(s).
  5. Open your senses to your surroundings. Coaches who desire to write must be aware of their surroundings. Everything is a topic to write about. Whether you are on the train or on your way to the store, observe the people and their expressions. Watch how they move. Watch how the interact with their world. Throughout your daily experience, challenge yourself to see beyond what you see and then write about it.

As a coach, your goal is to promote yourself and that comes from developing your voice through your coaching and your writing style. As you grow confident in your voice you will find that it becomes power on paper which is your signature.

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Post Article (or eBook or Book) Creation Questions by Mackenzie Pearce

Before you hit “send” and submit your final article to article banks or this website, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does your article address a problem? (This type of article will get the most views.)
  2. Does your title state what that problem is?
  3. Does your article offer solutions, solve this problem or offer tips for addressing it?
  4. Do your paragraphs contain no more the 4 sentences? (Think short attention spans.)
  5. Have you asked someone to review and edit your article?
  6. Does your article read like a conversation? (This ensures it is interesting, is easy to follow and has a good flow to it. Do not use words you would not use in normal conversation.)
  7. Does your article come from the heart?
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How to Title Your Articles by Coach Mackenzie Pearce

When titling articles I like to get right to the point: What will people be learning by reading this article?

I do not want to miss out on anyone who may be helped by my article because I opted for a cute, flowery name. Example? I could of title this article “Getting Attention” or “Getting to the Point” and would you have had any idea they were about selecting titles for your articles?

That being said, occasionally I also like to capitalize on common emotions (fear, insecurity) to get the readers and be able to give them helpful ideas:

The last tip I have is to include a list in your body and mention it in the title. This gives the over-worked, super busy, reader a time frame.

“16 tips? Okay I can read that.” Or “2 Minutes to a New You. That I can also spare.”

Where as when there is no time frame or a viewer just sees paragraph after paragraph they may move on(no matter how good the information).

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10 Ways to Organize Your Time for Writing by Coach Janice McMillian

When you recognize and give permission to the writer on the inside of you to come forth, you will need to organize your time to accommodate your gift. If you do not make time to write, it will be impossible to develop your skills in this area. Writers write, so here are some tips that will give you the boost to operate in your craft more effectively.

  • Start on Sunday by scheduling your week. Pencil in your major activities. Once you have identified the important tasks for the week, (i.e., working, grocery shopping, etc.,) then you will have a better idea of the remaining time you can dedicate to your writing projects.
  • Inspiration to write is important. Silence the noise around you once a week for 15 minutes. A good time to do this would be on Sunday as well. Write down any ideas that come to you that relate to your book or other writing projects.
  • Write down every unfinished project you have. Decide which one you really want to do and prioritize the remaining for another time.
  • Before you begin writing your book or other project(s), create an outline of the chapters or curriculum you would like to expound on.
  • It takes sacrifice to write. Get up half an hour early and write one page. You will soon see your writing efforts pay off.
  • If you are not a morning person, invest in a recorder and keep it on hand for when those inspirational thoughts come to mind.
  • Clean off your writing/office desk. Organizing your writing space will help clear your mind and allow you to go to work instantly when you sit down.
  • Decide which article, story, chapter you want done first. Spend time everyday on it until you’re finished.
  • Recognize what work you should do and delegate what others can do instead.
  • See yourself as a writer. Until you acknowledge that you are a writer, you will not make the effort to walk in your writer identity.

With these tips, you will be more apt at writing your next book, project, or coaching curriculum.