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Word of Mouth Marketing- Worth It! (3 Steps) by Anita Boyer

Word-of-mouth marketing is an excellent way for getting more potential customers coming into your business or for getting visitors landing on your website’s pages. In fact, word-of-mouth marketing is still the number one way to spread the news about your company even in this highly techno-laced era.

The basic idea for this type of marketing is to create a campaign that’s designed to get people to pass along information about your company whether it’s expressing the great experience they’ve had with you, your service, or your product; or, perhaps sharing the great web content you have produced such as articles, videos, free reports, etc.

You will generally have to “think outside the box” on this one in order to get people interested enough to pass the word along.

Although, in this day and time with the growth of the Internet, it’s now much easier to pass information along when you’re simply pointing and clicking in order to share.

Creating the campaign

To make your word-of-mouth campaign successful you must have an objective – think about what the ultimate goal is you want to achieve through this marketing venue – then write out your plan of action to bring your objective to life.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

Tip #1 – Be a fly on the wall

Study other companies to see what they have done to successfully “spread the word.”  You’re not copying exactly what they’re doing, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel either.  Your purpose for using this exercise is to “learn and glean,” and to “reconstruct or customize” a successful marketing campaign for your business.

Tip #2 – Give something away for free

One of the most important components of your word-of-mouth campaign is the “give away.” People love free stuff!

Your freebie can be a CD or DVD, a PDF document, an audio, or a free taste of your product or service.  It can be almost anything – be creative!

This is very exciting because, as soon as you start to give things away for free, you’ll notice an increase in people walking into the doors of your business, or you’ll see a spike in traffic activity on your web analytic logs.

The surge in walk-in traffic and website traffic not only comes from those spreading the word about you and from those passing your link along, it’s also a result coming from people who are returning to see what else you have to offer.

The free give away also makes it easier than ever to sell things to people down the line because they’ve learned from experience that your interest is not to sell to them only, but that you genuinely are about helping them based on the quality information, products, or services you’ve provided to them for free.

Tip #3 – Make sure people know they have your permission to pass your content along

The number one mistake many marketers make when giving away things for free is not making it very clear to people that they can pass the free item along to others, especially the free information given that is located on the Internet.

By clearly spelling things out for them that this practice is allowed, the higher the probability they will pass it along. (See end of article for an example.)

This serves a couple of purposes.

First, it clearly lets people know they have permission to share the information, and that they’re not going to get in trouble for doing so.

Second, it has a call to action –“pass this along.” It’s telling them exactly what you’d like them to do with the information other than use it for them- selves.

View more articles from Anita Boyer and Upsurg Consultancy.

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How to Email: 14 Tips

This topic may seem simple but emailing is a major form of communication and I think we could all use a few tips.

1. Have your email signature include all your professional contact information.  You never know when a potential client may want to contact you.

2. Proof read. There is nothing worse then re-reading an email you sent out and not catching an error soon before hand.

3. KEEP IT SHORT. This cannot be stressed enough. Long emails = not likely it will ever get read. People will most likely leave it to be re-read later and never go back to it. If you have a lot to say, have the main points in the email and a link to where they can catch the full story.

4. Be aware that CAPS is shouting.

5. Use an accurate subject line so your audience knows why they should open it.

6. Stay away from fancy fonts. Not all emailers have the same type of fonts available to them and they may not be able to catch the main message.

7. Make 2 or 3 main points in the email at most. Short attention spans are very common these days.

8. Let your audience know what you would like them to do. Call? Respond? Click a link? Purchase? It will up the response levels.

9. Keep each paragraph to no more then 4 sentences. Be sure to have a few 1 sentence paragraphs as they get read the most.

10. BCC a group to keep their contact info private (as opposed to CC).

11. Keep private emails private. No need to share everything.

12. Check the “To” area just to make sure everything is in order before you hit “send”.

13. Send mass emails no more then once a week- especially if you are selling something.

14. Write emails the same way you would speak to someone. This will keep the tone conversational (AKA- more interesting).

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New Coach Question: How Important Are Sales and Marketing in Coaching? The #1 Error/ Mistake Coach Training Programs Make

I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing how to sell in life. Not just as an entrepreneur but in every area of life- every area that I want to be successful in.

As a coach, as a parent, as a spouse, as someone in the helping profession you need to know how to sell(present) your point of view, your ideas, your coaching methods and services and yourself.

The #1 error of coach training programs is they do not teach even an adequate sales or marketing component. And as someone in the helping profession you especially need to know how to influence others.

After all, that is all sales is: Understanding and educating people enough to be able to easily influence them. This in turn will benefit not only your life but theirs as well.

Sales = Educating your Target Market or your Ideal Client
Clearly Communicating Your Ideas in a Way that people See it as a Benefit To Purchase/Take the Next Step
(Also Known As ” The Power of Influence“)



Examples of when understanding others and being able to sell (influence) will come in handy.

In your family:

Why should I eat more vegetables, mom?
Why should I do my homework?

As a coach:

Why should I work with a coach?
Why should I spend the money to attain goals?
Why should I try this goal attainment strategy??

To yourself:

Why should I go the extra mile in this situation?
Why should I by-pass this cake and opt for the fruit instead?

Sales and Coaching Programs

And of course  we have an amazingly in depth marketing, sales and website component that teaches you how to influence others from the ground up- no experience necessary. So even if you do not train with us make sure that the school you do choose has a complete and extensive marketing training component that will teach you novice and advanced selling skills. Your life will surely benefit from it.

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Sales Tip- Educate Your Potential Client: What Do I Say to Potential Coaching Clients?

No matter what you are selling it is your job to inform your potential clients about your product or services and how it will benefit them. Do not assume they already know.

Take weight loss coaching services as an example.

As a weight loss coach you need to know your value well enough that you are able to correctly inform and educate your potential clients about why coaching is a must if they want to change their life . Not why they should have a coach but why a coach is necessary success element.

Their best thinking got them where they are and it is a fact that desire alone is not enough to make a permanent change in their life.

This is where you come in.You have to have the knowledge of how successful life change occurs. That is what a coach provides.

Inform Your Potential Clients

Let them know that almost every major -major- successful person has a coach.

That coaching studies repeatedly and consistently show that the odds of successful life change are increased dramatically when the person or team has a coach.

Educate your potential client on how you, as a coach, understand the makeup of the human mind and what will stop clients every time from attaining their goals- no matter how bad they desire it. (You learn what these self sabotaging behaviors are through your coaching program.)

Inform your potential clients of this through articles, tele-classes, seminars and casual conversations.

Why They Should Hire You Over Another Coach

They should hire you as a coach over another coach because you are certified in the area of weight loss, have personal experience in that area as well. Through your training your get to choose which areas you want to be certified in, giving you the edge over coaches who are not certified or certified in an area that is too general and common.

This is also where testimonials come in handy.

Sample Conversation

“Why do you need a coach? Have you ever wanted to attain something- weight loss, increased income- and tried but did not really make any permanent progress? Can you think of a goal like that? [Give them a chance to respond.] That is where I come in. I have been trained to understand what will stop people every time when [State their goal here.] and what will get them there faster and easier than you ever thought possible.”

Learn more information about influence, marketing and sales through your coach training program.

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Marketing, Satisfaction and Improvement Survey For Your Coaching Clients

It is recommended that you include this along with your client welcome pack, along with your client agreement. More information on this is covered through your coach training lessons.

To improve your services and understand how to focus your promotional tools, the following are important questions your coaching clients should answer. The more you know your ideal client and what matters most to the them the easier it will be to find more of them.

  • Where did you hear about my services?
  • What is the main reason you sought out a coach?
  • Why did you decide to work with me?
  • When selecting a coach, what matters most to you:

A) The coaches personal story.

B) The coaches certifications and training.

C) The coaches experience.

D) Both A, B and C.

E) Both B and C.

  • Do you have any website suggestions?
  • Does group coaching (gaining support from others working to change their lives) be something you would be interested in?
  • What other resources/ materials could I provide that you would find helpful?
  • How many people currently make up your immediate family? Do you have any young children?
  • Are you currently employed outside of your home?
  • Are you responsible for the major household duties inside the home?
  • What are some of your hobbies?
  • What is your ideal way to spend a Saturday night?
  • What are your favorite and most visited websites?

If you have any friends you think would benefit, please feel free to give them one of the spare business cards I have included. I will gladly give them the free resources and information I have given you.

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Coaches: Change Your Life Starting This Holiday Weekend!


Start by letting people you know you are a coach (or coach trainer).

Let people know that you are about to start taking clients (or currently take clients) who are interested in weight loss (for example).

Encourage them to let others know you are open as well and how they can contact you (via phone, email etc.)

Even if you are not yet ready to open for business, you can let people know the estimated launch date of your business, that you are about to graduate or that you currently take clients on at a “scholastic rate”.

The term “scholastic rate”  refers to a reduced rate for your services as you are still a student.

You can even make plans for your graduation party!

All that is important is that this weekend you start becoming the person you wish to be 5 years from now.

Do not let excuses stop you: I do not have a website yet, I have not graduated yet, I have not decided on my fees, and on and on. STOP the list.

It is okay to be afraid. Fear is just your body’s way of telling you that you are trying something new. Accept the fear and do it anyway.

This weekend, just be the peson you want to be.

Get to it!!