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How to Choose a Coaching Niche

Choosing a coaching niche and becoming certified in that area will easily set you above the rest of the coaches out there.

Having that additional certification may even be the deciding factor for a potential client when they are looking to choose a coach.

What is a coaching niche?

A coaching niche is a specialization within the coaching profession.

Some examples of areas you can be certified in are Christian coaching, weight loss coaching, spiritual coaching, health coaching and even addictions coaching. Essentially you can be certified in almost any area you can think of.

Why specialize?

If you were looking for a coach to help you with your relationship, would you feel more comfortable with a coach who had a general certification or a coach who had specific relationship training and certifications?

Let us look at another growing area in coaching: Health coaching. This area of coaching deals with coaching people recovering from chronic illness and ailments through diet and lifestyles changes. Now, if you were looking for a coach in this area would you not feel more comfortable with a coach trained and certified in the area of health or would a general coach do?

How do I choose an area to specialize in?

  1. Pay attention to where your love and passion lies. This is the single most important thing to consider when choosing a niche as passion is what will keep you reading and learning to remain at the top of this niche in years to come.
  2. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if coaching in this area is a good fit:

Can people be coached in this area?

Would coaching benefit someone who is dealing with this?

Would coaching have helped me when I was dealing with this?

What else should I consider when choose a niche?

Is there a need for this type of coaching?

Would people in my community benefit from this?

How much would they be able or willing to pay for this?

Is this area of coaching over saturated? I recommend doing a Google search and see how many coaching links pop up.

How much would my fees be for this type of coaching?

The average rate for life coaching is $100.00 an hour (USD). To charge less then this would undervalue your services and often times cause a potential to look elsewhere. People tend to believe the phrase “you get what you pay for”.

The good news is that choosing a niche would greatly increase your professional rates. Even more so if you are certified in that area.

To find out the current rate for your profession do a Google search once more and see what other coaches in that area charge. Remember: The fewer the coaches certified in that area the higher the fees.

Final words?

When choosing a niche consider one thing: No matter how popular a niche, there is always room at the top (words from my mother.)

More resources you may find useful:

Student question: How do I choose a coaching niche?

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STUDENT QUESTION: How Do I Choose a Niche?

Student question:

“Is it better to choose a niche that a lot of other coaches do and are successful?

Or is it better to still select that niche but narrow it down even more even though hardly anyone is doing it?

My fear is that if  no one is doing it does that mean there is not a need?”


First and foremost t is better to choose a niche that you are passionate about. This is because no matter which niche you choose you will be continually required to learn about this niche, talk about this niche and create materials around this niche. My mother always said “there is always room at the top.”

That being said, it is always better to choose a niche that is rare. Just because you do not see coaches certified in that area does not mean there is not a need for it.

Often coaches just do not know they have the option of being certified in specific areas. As it stands now we are the only school that offers over 25 areas to be certified in.

As a general rule: The rarer the niche the better- especially where online marketing is concerned.

Let me explain.

Let’s choose pre-marriage coaching (also known as marriage prep coaching or engagement coaching) as an example. Now, if you where a client who was engaged and looking for relationship coaching and you had a choice between working with a relationship coach or a trained and certified engagement coach, who would you turn to?

Being a specific niche coach would also benefit you when it comes to online marketing as your ads can be even more specific and will have less competition (explained more thoroughly during class).

Lastly:  Even if only 1 million people are looking for that type of coaching that is still 1 million people.

Other resources you may find helpful:

Choosing a Coaching Niche

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Niche Finder Tool: Identifying Your Niche.

Identifying your niche is important as this helps you gain direction, create materials, launch projects and set goals for your coaching business.

So how do you choose??

1. Identify 3-5 possible areas you may want to go into (you are able to become certified in more than one area in case in the future you change directions).

2. Write a list of your strengths. Ask others to contribute to your list of strengths.

3. Complete the chart below. List any possible areas you may want to go into in the table. For example: marketing coaching, empowerment coaching…)

Word format: Niche Finder Tool

PDF format: Niche Finder Tool

Keep in mind that the “heart” factor (your love for the work) may possibly (and should) out weight any logic. Following your heart (AKA- your passion) is always the best way to go. This is because the amount of time you will be studying and working in that niche will require a serious love and passion for that area.

NOTE: Do not take on a niche merely because you feel obligated and you think the world needs that. You will be taking away from someone else who would find pursuing this their life’s passion (even if you do not know them).

I would not worry so much about competition in that area. If you really love something you will find it easy to succeed at it (trust me) and there is always room at the top.

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Making Money as a Coach- Finding Your Niche

This class was taught by Mackenzie Pearce. Mackenzie is currently teaching the Become a Certified Coach program and the Open Your Own Coach Training Business program.


  • Finding your niche
  • The importance of passion in your business
  • Making money with CANA
  • All the various ways to make money as a coach
  • Creating a book- why and how (steps)
  • Becoming ICF accredited- yeah or nay?

Download the MP3

If you have any questions or would like to train with Mackenzie you are welcome to contact her at ot

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STUDENT QUESTION: Some Niches Are Simliar, How do I Choose Which to Be Certified In?

It is true, several niche areas do resemble each other: goal attainment coach, success coach, empowerment coach, motivational coach, achievement coach and on and on. (And this is just off the top of my head.)

So when you have several areas you are able to be certified in, which areas do you choose?

The first step is to write down what you love most outside of coaching and see if it is compatible or complementary with coaching. (An example of this would be if you love starting up businesses as you could be certified as a business start up coach.) You are going to be dealing with your niche area a fair bit so you best love the topic.

Next write down what areas you have experience with to see if these are compatible or complementary to coaching. (An example of this would be divorce recovery coaching.)

A bonus and a sure fire niche would be if the two areas of love and experience are one and the same.

Now that aside, list the other possible areas (achievement, goal attainment etc.) that you are considering becoming certified in.

When you look at the list consider what your ideal client may searching for and what certification title they might find appealing.

Why look at it this way? While becoming a coach you will learn that all the above areas (and almost any area you can coach someone in) follows the same life change format.

It may be called different names but the coaching process is relatively the same.

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What Are The Most Popular Areas to Coach In? What Are The Highest Paid Coaching Areas?

What are the most in demand coaching niches?

  • Christian success coaching
  • Divorce recovery coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Parish coaching
  • Success coaching (this includes income increase)
  • Wealth coaching
  • Weight loss coaching

What are the most rare, in demand coaches? (These coaching niches are at least double the normal coaching rate.)

  • Chronic Illness Recovery Coach
  • Marriage Recovery Coach
  • Organizational Coach 
  • Strategic Intervention Coach
  • Transformational Coach