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STUDENT QUESTION: Should I Use a Paid Service to Submit My Website to Search Engines?

This is more like spam and will annoy the search engines.
Submit to:, google and yahoo (yahoo will submit it to all their partner sites which are tons!).  And go for (MSN’s site.)
ONLY DO IT ONCE. And trust me, it is no easy task to find out how to submit so get comfy before you begin the process. It isnot easy enough that I cannot even direct others on how to do it….good luck- YOU CAN DO IT!! 

~ Professional Coach Mackenzie Pearce

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WEBSITE QUESTION: Do I Really Need a Website?

As a coach you most definitely need a site.


Think of your website as your online brochure or phone book listing.

When someone searches online for a coach in your area you need your contact information to pop up.

At the very least your website should contain your name, phone number and the type of coaching you do.

And not to worry, through your training we walk you step by step through how to set up a professional looking website that potential clients will be drawn to.

From how to set up a basic site to an interactive site, we are here to help.

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WEBSITE QUESTION: What Pages Should My Coaching Website Have?

Building your website is probably the most time consuming aspect of setting up your coaching practice. Be patient with yourself as you are learning a new skill and know that your classes and mentor will help you through this process.

The first step we recommend when setting up your website is to visit other sites and jot down what you like about them. What pages and links do they have? What colors stand out to you?

As a general rule your website should have the following pages(more details provided through your training):

  • privacy policy
  • contact us
  • testimonials (your mentor will gladly start you off with a testimonial)
  • services you offer
  • fees for your services
  • your story (How did you come to be a coach?)
  • your credentials

Both the Become a Certified Coach program and the Open Your Own Academy program have website training for both the novice and the intermediate.

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WEBSITE QUESTION: Where should I register my domain name? What website company should I use?

Student question:

“I want to register my domain name and start my website, where should I go?”


It is suggested that you register for your website as soon as possible to begin to familiarize yourself with how building a website works.

We recommend using one of the two providers mentioned below for your website.

Both are easy to use if you have no experience with websites and are professional in design.

For the novice we recommend using the first link below. The smallest package will include your website name, an email address and enough pages for you to get started.

For the first website provider link below you can have an HTML site or pick a site already designed, personalize it and go. Your site will come with an email address, a website address (domain name), business listings, easy support if you have questions and you can easily add PayPal buttons to the pages.

For a free trial, click below: – Get a website for $9.95 a month.

For another easy template option or a WordPress site (like use the company below:

Blue Host is really great for support with novices or experts. Click here.

This account also comes with a domain name, WordPress access, a template site for the website novice and a money-back guarantee.

Please note that this is better than using the free sites at (no domain name or email comes with the free hosting). You have more options, more templates, no advertising banners, an easy email address and the domain name you choose.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when designing and setting up your website. Do not fret! Just take it one step at a time and remember that through your training with us we will walk you though every single page and paragraph

More information on this the topic of domain names and website hosting is available during your coach training here at Coach Academy Inc.