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NEW COACH QUESTION: How Can I Help My Clients Practice Mindfulness?

Being mindful (fully engaging your mind in your current task) equals more success at work. Download the document to find out how the two are correlated (connected).

This guide was created for coaching clients.

Mindfulness- A Guide For Coaching Clients

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Increasing My Client’s Happiness and Productivity: A 3 Step Plan

Fact: People who are happy get more done in life. Thus you should see the obvious benefit to working to increase the happiness and positivity in your client’s life and decreasing anything that brings on negative emotions.

Coaches: You may want to give this resource as homework to your clients. Tell them to let their feelings be your guide. If they feel a negative emotion, have them record what they think is the cause.

They are not to worry about their thoughts so much as their emotional reaction to something. This will be their best guide as to whether or not you should work to eliminate or increase something in their life.

Step 1:

Instructions for clients located in this PDF document: Increasing Your Happiness

Step 2:

Now comes the time where you need to work to incorporating the things that brought a smile to your client’s face into their life on a regular basis. For most people this means including these activities (no matter how simple them may seem) on their to-do list. Help your client make them a priority in their life.

Step 3:

The last step to increasing your client’s happiness and therefore their productivity, is to really sit down and consider the events that bring negativity into their life and how they can reduce or even eliminate these.

Although it is not necessary (and sometimes you may feel it is not even possible) to eliminate them from their life totally at this point, ask your client what they can do to minimize the negative impact they have on them.

NOTE TO COACHES: These steps can be done in addition to the goals they are pursuing with you.

Additional resources you may find helpful:

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Creating Your Destiny Exercise by Coach Mackenzie Pearce

Below is a fun exercise to help your client determine what they would like their ideal life to consist of.

Pretend you have reached the “big time” and are a guest on the Oprah Winfrey show. What does Ms. Winfrey say when introducing you? How does she describe you? What accomplishments does she mention?