Christian Perspective: What Do You Do When You Are Forced to Start Over?

Sometimes in life you are forced to start over- although it can feel as though you are not even starting to build your life from scratch but that you are now forced to start with a deficit (be it financial or emotional).

How do proceed? What do you do?

You do what all people do in times of turmoil- you go on. Through the sadness, through the desperation, through the grief, through the confusion, you go on.

You begin to build anew.

You are being tested. God is testing you.

Luke 16, verse 10: Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.

Every gift you have, every penny you are given is a test to see if you are responsible and trust worthy and capable of handling more.

You would like a new car? How can God grant you a new car when you treat your old, beat up one with anger and disrespect? To show you can be trusted with a new car, treat your old care as you would a new one.

You need a new home? Care for current home as you would your new, beautiful home.

This also true in business. You have only one client? Treat them as you should to show you can be trusted with even more clients.

Do not forget this lesson when in comes to every penny you are given. This is God’s money- you just handle it.

Follow the wealth building tools found here.

The most important is to make sure you are smart with the money, understand that it is not yours, it is God’s and right off the top give 10% back in the form of tithing.

God is giving you another chance, as He will as He is an ever forgiving God. Show Him you can be trusted.

* Always be honest.
* Show faith- trust Him to provide for you.
* Give your tithe. Follow the wealth building tools.
* Treat every object and person in your life as if they are a treasured gift you have been trusted with.
* Act from a place of love.
* Practice gratitude for what you have been given.
* Understand that you work for God. Do the best you can in your home and work life and as that is what He asks of you.

A final tips when starting over:

* Do not compare what you have now to what you used to have. This will do nothing but bring on sadness and anger.
* Remember that people that who have had more loss than you and more debt than you have gone on to live a wonderful life of success and abundance, and you can as well.
* Take it one day at a time.

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