Do I Need a Logo? Coaching Logo Tips

What is a logo?

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public identification and recognition.

Some logos have words on them and some do not.

Essentially the purpose of a logo is to catch your client’s attention and gives a unique identity to the business.

Do I need a logo to start a business?

You do not have to have a logo to start a business but ideally you should consider investing some time into creating one. A logo helps project professionalism right from your first interaction with someone (when they come to your website, read a letter from you, see your business card).

I am ready to create my logo, where do I start?

Start with committing to a business name. Then start brainstorming. Try looking around at some popular logos:


What are some general rules when creating a logo?

* Simple is best. Choose 2 to three colors at most (this includes black and make sure your logo looks good in black and white for when using an older copying machine.
* Keep in mind that your logo will be going on your website, stationary and business cards and for this reason your logo will have to look good shrunk down.
* Do not use clip art. It is often too tacky.
* Use a clear font.
* Make sure it relates to your business. For example, do not use a fishing rod just because you love to fish if you are a success coach.
* Get a second and third opinion on your logo, but remember that in the end it is your choice and your logo must sit well with you.

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