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This page will guide you through the process of understanding and using Facebook for your business,
whether you are seeking traffic to your business, magnetizing, marketing or monetizing your business.

Here is information to get you started.

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Make use of Social Media & other
Online Resources for a Business Breakthrough

The Schedule for Mastermind Mentoring follows:

Coach Academy will present a Monthly course via Webinar with Action Steps and a Training Call. All students receive Replays of each to view if unable to attend or for review.

1st  Monday • Monthly Webinar with Action Step;
2nd Monday • Momentum Monday Accountability 8am-Noon PT
3rd Monday • Bonus Webinar (or Workshop to implement with Your Business)
4th Monday • Monthly Training Call + Sharing
We reserve the right to provide more content than what is stated above…

Let’s Get Started on Your Journey!

Mastermind Mentoring trains you in Free & Low cost Online Resources for Business Breakthrough:

  • Facebook Business Strategy
  • Get on the map—Google map & Yelp
  • Ins & Outs of Graphic use
  • How to create Products: ebooks, audio
  • Google Plus
  • Google Ads
  • Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • You Tube Channel
  • Twitter for Business
  • How to use Social Media without wasting All Your Time
  • Pinterest
  • Every month a new topic…

Training Call: You are in Command!
Each call starts with a 5 to 10 minute overview of
previous webinar, then the lines open for Q&A

Action is Required…

Social Media is no longer simply a fad. The revolution has begun!

The question is:

Are you a willing participant in the greatest change in communications since the TV over 70 years ago? Business marketing is changing with or without you! That’s because Facebook is in its infancy and is redefining how we communicate.

Our mission is to help you catch the vision and dominate!

We want to enable small businesses with Social Media understanding and confidence so YOU can succeed in these uncertain times. Thus we have chosen the price point for Coach Academy Mastermind Mentoring that everyone can afford to JOIN

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