Goal Attainment For the Coach: Your Personal Goal

Below is how I would phrase (using the PPS we discussed in class) my own personal goal for becoming a coach:

As of August 2010 I am a practicing life coach with ___ many clients generating ___ income which allows for easy payment of my home, cars, and general life expenses, and allows my plenty of time with my family. Life is amazing!

Unlike a vision a goal is short and specific.

(More vision like: I am thrilled that I work less hours and have ample amounts of time to engage in fun family activities.)

I would then repeat it as often as possible to get it into my subconscious. The sooner your internal beliefs believe this the sooner your life will reflect this.

FACT: Your outside circumstances are merely a result of your internal make-up.

As a new coach registered in these programs we recommend working on this goal with your mentor and buddy coach.

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