God Is


What you believe about God changes everything. Knowing God as He is will lift your spirits and transform your entire perspective. Yet so many people think of God as unloving, uncaring, or unknowable.

Devote 50 days of your life to intentionally noticing and studying God’s messages to you about Himself. They’re everywhere. In God Is you’ll get a crisp, engaging introduction to what the Bible, creation, and some of history’s greatest thinkers really teach about God. What you find will surprise and renew you!

The series begins the first weekend of October but feel free to join in even if you missed a part. You can buy a God Is book at TLC weekend services or the church office or coming soon at Amazon.com, or come back to TLC website and follow along with the daily devotions online.

For those who travel, or cannot leave home or cannot be in one spot all the time, we are offering a group that meets by phone. This is the first time we have tried using a teleseminar format for meeting and several options are available. To meet by phone and share in God Is for 7 weeks, sign up at the TLC website. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up or email Sandra or phone me at 888-490-4600.

God Is: Video Blog 1 from Twin Lakes Church.

The call is at 10 am PT, 1 pm ET on Saturdays, beginning October 6.

To call in: 831-227-2000 Access code: 569591#

You can get a local call-in number here.

How it works…
WEEK 1: Before our call
1. Read the introduction here
2. Watch the 2 videos here
3. Read the short daily reading and answer the questions. But most of all, focus on God Is… & how are you experiencing God in YOUR life!
4. Every  Saturday 10 am PT, 1 pm ET call 831-227-2000 Access code: 569591 # to share and support each other in our common, shared experiences of God.
Opptional: Check out the sermon for the week here.

Week 2 ff
You can access book, videos, sermons and study daily here.

Week 3
Week 3 Agenda

Additional video of frequently asked questions answered by Rene at small group at Mount Hermon.

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