How to Have The BEST Year Ever

By Coach Mackenzie Pearce

1.       Do what you love. Life is short. Do not waste time on what you feel you should be doing when you can be spending time do what you love. The rest will get done when it is meant to get done and by whom it was meant to get done by. (This may or may not be you.)

2.       Laugh more. Spend time avoiding negativity (do not watch news for example) and more time engaging in activities that make you smile.

3.       Live like you only had this 1 year left on this earth. What would you spend your precious time doing then??

4.       Leave it ALL in God’s hands. Yes, ALL. For most of you this might be a new habit you need to continually work on. How? Every time you feel stressed or worried repeat “God will take care of it. I just do the best I can with what He has given me so far.” Do this because it WORKS. All will be taken care of. It is really quite amazing.

5.       Practice mindfulness. This really is the only way to feel true joy or peace.

6.       Surround yourself with mementos that make you smile and get rid of (box up or give away) any photos or memorabilia that make you sad. Even of loved ones who have passed. After all, if you passed on would you want your niece, cousin or son crying over your picture? Of course not. You would want for them to live the best possible life. A joyful life. Not seeing painful or bittersweet reminders does not mean you will forget. It just means you will remember on your terms.

7.       Start the day with a “good for you” habit. Tea with God? Meditation with nature? You decide and be enthusiastic and diligent in maintaining this helpful habit.

8.       Get rid of everything in your house that does not represent the person you are or want to be. Give it away to let others benefit from it. If you cannot part permanently from your items, store them. A clean space = a clean mind.

9. Tell someone how much you love your coach training. You may be surprised at the conversations and clients it gets you! (And okay, this one is also to help make my year the best ever;)

10.   Try Yoga. Especially if you have difficulty meditating with God, join a yoga class. TRUST ME- you will love it.

11.   Let the bad disagreements flow through you this year instead of engaging and reacting. This will take practice but it is worth it. You do not need to get taken in by other’s drama.

12. Learn something new. Study anything from business to mindfulness. The rewards are amazing.

13. Manage your time well. Spend 15 minutes at the beginning of your week with your day planner and long term goals. Review your long term goals then sit down and schedule at least 2-3 tasks in the upcoming week that will get you closer to that goal. Once that is done schedule tasks that bring you joy. Following that include everything else. A big key to not feeling overwhelmed is to take it one day at a time from that point on. When something new comes up schedule it but then return to your “one day at a time” mentality. With some practice you will see how easy and relaxing life can be.

14.   Take the BACC program again. There is nothing like hanging out with people who have similar interests and goals! And bonus- you will learn quite a bit as well.

15. FORGET ABOUT LAST YEAR. Just let it go.

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