NEW COACH QUESTION: When a client asks me what success means to me, how should I answer? (Includes 5 Step Life Change Coaching Process)

The answer I give is this: Success means being able to have the financial means to live your passion. It means living a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life than you ever thought possible. We both know that money is not everything but it is helpful when it comes to enjoying life. You deserve this. This is what success means to me. And as your coach I am trained to help get you there.

5 Step Life Change Coaching Process

The process of getting your clients to their dream life is covered through your program, but here is a guideline:

1. Uncover their passion. What makes then tick? Use the Unlocking Your Client’s Passion Test.

2. Uncover what their ideal life consists of and what is holding them back. This includes unconscious self sabotaging beliefs, habits and behaviors. Use the Personal Foundation Tools.

3. Set very specific, positively phrased, concrete goals. This information is covered through the Goal Attainment Module.

4. Discuss potential obstacles, including how to deal with fears when they creep up.

5. Celebrate the successes. Your clients will be happy as long as they are making progress. Work with your client to add positive events and situations in your client’s life.
100 Smiles Program

6. Use the Wealth Building, Health Building, Relationship Improvement and Repair, Weight Loss Tools and any other materials that will help your client identify and change “problem” areas.

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