Open Your Own Accredited Coach Training Company Program

“I earn a wonderful income doing what I love: Helping others become coaches. I work from my home, on my own schedule.  Through this program I will teach you all my secrets- I hold nothing back.”

Owner Mackenzie Schneider

“Life coaches are part of a growing profession. The International Coach Federation (ICF) says it has more than 12,000 members worldwide, or double the amount just five years ago. Karen S. Peterson, USA TODAY

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  • You would like to become a certified coach trainer
  • You would like to learn how to train others (even if you have no experience) as coaches (online, in person or by conference call)
  • You would like coach training materials that you can brand with your company information to be able to use any way you want

Program Goal

During this program you will learn how to set up and run a fully functioning, accredited coach training company.We provide you with the materials. You can add your business name to these materials. These materials include relationship programs, health and wellness tools, weight loss coaching tools, general life coach training tools and more!

Two examples are below.


Bonus: Your students will be able to access our resource bank of information.

Program Prerequisites

Working knowledge of the English language and a passion for the coaching business.

No coaching certifications or accrediting required but you should be knowledgeable about coaching skills and have a passion for the coaching profession.

You do not have to have taken any coach training programs prior to beginning this program. We will teach you everything you need to know about the coaching profession.

Program Details

  • You will be provided the materials in which to train and certify others as coaches in a variety of areas (life coaches, Christian coaches, leadership coaches, addiction coaches- almost any area you choose.)
  • You keep the profits and pay only your tuition fee. YOU WILL BE ACCREDITED AUTOMATICALLY THROUGH TWO ORGANIZATIONS and be able to apply for other approval or accrediting.
  • You will train others using the same materials that we use through our ICF approved Become a Certified Coach program.
  • You will also be a certified coach trainer. You will also be able to choose 2 additional areas to be certified in that you choose.

Also included in your tuition:

  • Personal guidance with setting up your company from the ground up- no business experience necessary
  • Accredited audio, notes, resources and live instruction for your coaching students
  • A fully functioning and easily accessible online resource bank for your students to access (no additional cost to you or your students) filled with tons of life changing resources
  • Over 100 PLR (PLR means you can modify the materials as you see fit and do with them as you like) coaching related materials that you would own the rights to, including tests, assessments, charts, graphs, articles and how to guides
  • Your company (and you) will be certified and accredited

Certification Information

Your coach trainer certifications and company accrediting will be valid in the following countries/ territories: United States (all 51 states), Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, India and Australia.

This will allow for you to travel and train outside of your current residence.

You will be able to choose TWO specific niche areas to be certified in. A few options available:

  • Certified Life Coach Trainer
  • Certified Christian Coach Trainer
  • Certified Relationship Coach Trainer

Even if on a monthly payment plan you are able to receive your certifications and company accrediting when you are ready.

Please note that you do not earn any coaching certifications through this program (life coach, Christian coach). That would be earned during the Become a Certified and Accredited Coach program.

Program and Class Duration

This program is approximately 8 weeks in length, but you are able to begin registering students almost immediately. Even if you are on a payment plan.

Classes are held once weekly by conference call (for no longer than 2 hours at a time) and if you are unable to attend you are able to download the recordings.

Register now and you choose from a variety of training times (or just listen to the audio recordings of the classes if overseas.)

Classes are available for download to your computer, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Smartphone or MP3 player.

Accrediting and Approval Information

The total ICF coach-specific hours you will personally earn while taking this program will be 25.

You can use these hours if you decide to apply for your ACC, PCC or MCC through the ICF (this is not necessary to be a coach trainer, this is your personal choice, either way your program and school can be approved).

How This Program Works

There are two parts to this program.

The first part involves listening in on an actual coach training program to see how students are trained. You can also download the audios of this if unable to attend the tele-classes.

Part 1 is where you familiarize yourself with the coaching materials.

Part 2 of this program is where you learn how to open your own coach training company. We start at the very beginning of this process, showing you all the different ways you can train and certify students (self study, conference call, in person seminars, weekly workshops, or you students can be trained through the program dates/ times we offer as well with our Become a Certified Coach program. This is at no cost to you and is an option, not a requirement.)

Program Syllabus (Overview)

Business Basics

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Name
  • Business Contact Information
  • Business License
  • Becoming Certified as a Coach Trainer
  • Keeping Track of Your Income (Excel Templates Provided)
  • Common Deductions
  • Low Monthly Overhead Breakdown

School Setup

  • Accrediting
  • Niche(s)
  • Program Types
  • Program Options
  • Tuition
  • Creating Your Own Curriculum (Using the Coach Training Lessons)
  • Student Graduation Requirements
  • Certificate Titles

Program Packaging and Distribution Options

  • Learning Options
  • Bonuses
  • Follow Up Products

Website Setup

  • Choosing a Website Company
  • Creating a Professional Website
  • Website Sales Copy (Provided)
  • Links
  • PayPal Links

Sales Strategies

  • Creating a Solid Marketing Plan
  • Being Ready For Objections

Registering Students

  • Accepting Payment
  • Welcome Email (Provided)
  • Student Records

Training Students

  • Keeping Students Engaged
  • How to Conduct Classes
  • Public Speaking Know How
  • Keeping Accurate Progress Reports
  • Testing Your Students
  • Getting Your Students Internationally Accredited With The ICF
  • Certifying Your Students

Open Your Own Coach Training Company Graduation Requirements

  • Completion of an open book final exam or project with a final mark of 70% or higher.
  • Account to be paid off.

Upon graduation you will receive:

  • Your coach training company accrediting logos
  • Your coach training materials license
  • Your life coach certification plus one other area of your choosing, your coach trainer certification (plus certification in one other area of your choosing. Example: Certified Christian Coach Trainer or Certified Addictions Coach Trainer etc.)
  • Access to a fully stocked online resource center for your students

Below are just a few of the company accrediting logos you will be able to use on your website.

Additional Details Regarding This Program

What will my students be learning?

Your coaching curriculum contains over 10 modules (lessons) that last from 1-3 hours in training length each.

These include:

Common Questions New Coach Have: How do I accept payment? What is the coaching process? How is coaching different from therapy? Do I need to be ICF accredited? What is the ICF?

Goal Attainment Module: Learn which goal setting formula (SMART, Grow etc.) is most effective when working with your clients.

Action and Strategy Plan Module: Learn how to create a strategic plan for your clients that will GUARANTEE they get to their goals.

Coaching Questions Module: Learn the two most important questions you could ever ask your clients. Learn questions for specific niches including addiction coaching questions, spiritual coaching questions, weight loss coaching questions and relationship coaching questions.

Unlocking Your Passion Module: How do you decide on a niche or speciality? How do you discover what truly makes your client sing in life?

The Business of Coaching Part 1 and 2: Learn all about website set up for the novice, how to accept payment, how to look professional and be professional, coaching contracts you need for your clients and what all SUCCESSFUL businesses have in common. If you decide you want to work from home this module is for you.

Marketing: What will GUARANTEE you get clients? Tune in to find out! All the coaches that have come through this program and gone on to be professional coaches follow the same techniques and secrets.

Group Coaching Module: How do you run a group coaching session? What forms do you need? How much do you charge? What are MasterMind groups? Who should you allow to join? Learn all the answers you could possibly have about group coaching.

Tests and Assessments Module: When and which assessments do you use on clients? Gain access to the Spiritual Gifts test, the Success Predictor test and the Unlocking Your Passion test. (Plus more!)

Seminars and Workshops Module: Learn the benefits of seminars and how to host large ones to intimate ones in your community. In addition you will learn the number one way to GUARANTEE attendance.

Motivation Module: What really, truly motivates people? What gets them through the rough times and to their goals? If you had 30 seconds to motivate someone what should you do? Learning this information is crucial to success.

Self Talk, Positivity and Reframing Module: Through this module you will learn what to do when your client comes up against an obstacle to goal attainment.

You will also be given access to tons of assessments and tests you students can use on their clients. These include:

  • The Success Predictor Test
  • The Spiritual Gifts Test
  • The Finding Your Passion Test
  • Increasing a Client’s Overall Life Satisfaction
  • Plus career assessments!

Your training to open your own coach training company will consist of:

Learning how to register, train, lead and inspire others.

Even if you no experience in websites or the business of training others we help you every step of the way.

Materials you will own the rights to use:

  • Goal attainment information
  • Strategizing/ mind mapping with your clients information
  • Emotional Intelligence information
  • Life coaching information
  • NLP information
  • Niche coaching information, including Christian coaching information (including Bible study information)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after I register may I begin registering students?

As soon as you register you may begin registering students-even if on a payment plan.

Can I really move my business and still have my certifications and accreditation be valid?

Your certifications and company accrediting will be valid in the following countries/ territories: United States (all 51 states), Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Mexico, Germany and Australia.

I am new to coaching, will you really help me learn and understand this business?

Darn straight we will (smile)! That is our passion, our mission: To help as many people as possible understand how they can really, really change their lives for the better.

As a student/graduate what materials will I own the rights to change and modify?

You will have access to tons and tons of coaching, motivational and success materials you can put your name and website address on, including software and assessments.

Can I train my students in another area of coaching besides life coaching?

Absolutely! We often have extra resources to assist you as well and we will show you how to train and certify them in any area you choose. An example would be training others as Christian coaches or addiction coaches.

Will you certify me as a trainer in that area?

As a graduate from this program you may choose another area to be certified as a trainer in. You must provide sufficient proof of your experience (a detailed resume is required) and have a passion for helping in that area.

Will my coach training company/ program be accredited?


What other students and graduates have had to say about the program:

“As a Human Resources professional who has coached, been coached and hired coaches for fortune 500 companies I wanted to let you know what an outstanding program you have developed. I’ve participated in other coaching programs in the past and this is top notch.  The amount of information that CANA makes available to its students is unbelievable.  No matter what I need – you already have it on the site. I don’t believe I will ever run out of resources!  Thank you for putting a program in place that makes the process easy for just about anyone.”

Professional Coach Colette Brooks

“I want to personally thank you for creating the, “Open Your Own Academy” Program:-)  I don’t even know where to begin, there’s so much that I like about the program.  All the materials and support that you get from the program by far outweighs the cost of the program tremendously.  I appreciate the entire layout. The step by step process is so easy to follow.   .. You are always available when needed at any given moment by phone, email, etc. and always replied back within minutes…God is using you in a mighty way!”

Tishawn Seaton, Become a Coach Trainer/ Open Your Own Academy program.

What people have said about the coaching training materials that you will be teaching your students with:

“The coaching program is great!!!  By the end of the program I felt as though I was able to offer the best services that I can offer to my clients, as I felt like I had obtained a wealth of knowledge and experience, which is vital to my success!! Also, the self-implementation of each module exercise has literally transformed my mind and my life! I am so very grateful that I found this program!”

Professional Coach Bridget Washington

“The CANA Become a Life Coach Training is empowering!…This course provides valuable knowledge, tools and practical strategies that will make you a successful Life Coach and will help you develop a great practice and you will be able to help clients achieve their goals.  I highly recommend the CANA Become a Life Coach Training.”

Professional Coach Shelley Hugo

“The program was great; material was at our fingertips at anytime. The website was updated constantly.  I still use the material and I still refer to your website.   I have used the ‘Life Skill Coaching’ skills on my staff…I would recommend that anyone that is a manager of a facility to take a ‘Life Skill Coaching’ program;”

Dawn Lyons

“My training at Coach Training Academy was in depth, uplifting, and inspiring. This class has enabled me to move forward with my goal of opening my own coaching practice. My instructor was very involved in helping our class to reach our goals. I appreciate her instruction.”

Maurine Jones

A BIG THANK YOU, to Coach Mackenzie and the staff Coaching Academy of North America. After researching many, many Coaching Programs Available, I am very happy and proud of the choice at the Coaching Academy of North America. The Programs are well worth the affordable monetary requirement…The lesson set-up allow me to take each assignment and use it immediately. As the program progresses, so does my experience…The useful guidance and on Website and Business Start Up are another excellent resource the Academy offers…I can say with confidence is being rapidly claimed as the best in the field. Thank you to everyone.”

Professional Coach Cynthia Dunn

Program Summary

At the completion of this program you will:

  • Be a certified coach trainer.
  • Be able to certify others as life coaches.
  • Have an accredited life, Christian, Addictions/ Recovery coach program (these are examples. You choose the area you wish to be certified in.)
  • Have a license to use our life coach training materials as your own.
  • Have your own online or in person coach training academy. Have a student center all ready for your students.
  • Be able to send students for training with us at no additional cost to you or your student

Program Summary, Included With Your Tuition

  • You will have access to an online student center that allows you to begin training students almost immediately.
  • Your students have access to an online student center already set up and password protected, where almost all the materials above are listed for their (and your) convenience.
  • You will keep 100% of the profits you make as you will OWN the coach training materials for life.
  • Aside form this one time only license/tuition fee there are no other associated fees with starting your college aside form your website should you decide to have one (approximately $4.95 if you do not already have one) and your business registration (approximately $45.00).
  • You will be able to train others WORLDWIDE.
  • Through this program you will be a trained and certified coach trainer.
  • You will have unlimited guidance and support from your mentor coach before and after you graduate.
  • Your program is already accredited and is ready to be taught.
  • Your tuition is 100% refundable (30 day money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied)
  • You can make payments that work for you.

Registering and Tuition

Your money is 100% refundable for the live instructor led program. Just attend a month of classes and if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and quantity and want a refund, it is yours.


This program is valued at over $6700.00. (Current tuition listed below.)

This is the only place in the world that certifies you and allows you to train others with our curriculum or a curriculum you create (we show you how).

This license fee allows you 100% branding rights to the life coach training materials. (This means you can add your business information, use your own graphics and modify the materials as you decide. You will OWN the coaching lessons and materials.)

This is a one time fee that allows you access to everything mentioned above. EVEN ON A PAYMENT PLAN YOU CAN ACCESS EVERYTHING UPON MAKING YOUR FIRST PAYMENT.

Your tuition covers your license for the materials, your schools accrediting, your personal accrediting as a coach trainer and includes your everything you need to open your own academy- right from your own home.

Total one time, full-pay tuition rate is currently $2400.00.

There are even 3 easy options for registering- because you deserve to live your life to the fullest and help others in the process.
Choose a Payment Option below

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