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Coach Academy Inc’s Mission is to educate, equip and empower entrepreneurs for excellence in coaching. Our certification programs produce passionate coaches who do what they love (and are passionate about) so they can always love what they are doing. We provide the training and tools to turn your passion into profits!

Student, Coach and Trainer Oath
(from IICS)

The main reason that our programs have such a high success rate for graduating coaches and coach trainers is that our students as well as our instructors take an oath to abide by the following:

Accountability clause: As a student I pledge to do my utmost to attend any meetings I made with my clients, my Mastermind Group, my classmates and my mentor.

Reliability clause: I attend as many classes, if not all, that I can. And if I do miss a class I listen to the recording within a reasonable time frame. I will also make my monthly payments on time.

Authenticity clause: I am honest in all my doings- inside and outside of coaching. I will work to live as an example. I understand this does not mean I need to be perfect but that I work to continue to grow emotionally, financially and spiritually. I will practice authenticity in my actions, words and thoughts.

Passion clause: I am dedication to the pursuit of my passion and I will be dedicated to helping others do the same.

Dedication clause: I am dedicated to using my new knowledge, skills, tools and techniques on a daily basis. I am dedicated to pursuing the higher calling of coaching.

Spirituality clause: No matter my religion, I will work to operate from a spiritually sound and supported place. I will live with the mindset that God is my boss in all my doings and I am His employee.

Understand that you are not just joining a place of higher education, but a team who hold these values close to their heart.

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