End Emotional Eating Ebook



Welcome to End Emotional Eating Effortlessly, an eBook designed to introduce you to emotional eating, food addiction (binge eating & compulsive eating) and how it affects your life.

In this eBook we will cover:

  • What is Emotional Eating?
  • Am I addicted? What are the 6 Signs and Symptoms?
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  • The Binge-Diet Roller-coaster
  • Why Diets, Surgery and Pills will never work
  • 7 Situations and Secret Conversations that Trigger Emotional Eating
  • 7 Common Characteristics of Emotional Eaters
  • How to Beat Emotional Eating:
    10 Practices to overcome emotional eating

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    This will help you on your weight loss journey because you’ll have the insights you need to stop looking at food as a way to deal with your emotions

This eBook shows the steps necessary to escape the prison of addictive, binge and emotional eating habits once and for all.

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