The Most Powerful Affirmations

Affirmations are powerful tools as they are the single most effective way to increase someones self esteem, which in turn will change their life.

Outside circumstances (job, income, daily routines) are just a reflection of how someones feel about themselves- whether they aware of this or not.

Affirmations do not have to be believed in the beginning, but they do need to be repeated as often as possible for maximum effectiveness (and for life change to start occurring). According to Louise L. Hay, changes can start to occur in as little as 30 days.

If a client feels more comfortable they can even start the affirmation with the words “I choose to…”

Below are some of the most powerful affirmations.

1. I live myself.
2. I respect myself.
3. I approve of myself.
4. Everything I need to be successful is inside me.
5. I am brilliant in business.
6. God totally supports and loves me.
7. I love myself.

These affirmations get right to the heart of your self worth and will help all areas in your life improve.

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