The Top 5 Ways Coaches Earn Money

1) Specializing. This will set you apart from all other coaches. Your clients want to know you are certified, and becoming certified in a niche that matters to them is even better. Weight loss coach, addictions coach, health and wellness coach and more are just some of the areas you can become certified in.

2) Mentoring other new coaches. When you register for two programs you are able to be trained and certified as a master certified coach and mentor coach as well- at no additional cost.

3) Having multiple products. This includes seminars, DVDs, Podcasts, CDs, and more. The sky is the limit when it comes to learning all the different ways you can reach clients.

4) Training others to become coaches.

5) Coaching. Coaching others one on one and in a group format are both excellent formats for creating change and we show you how to do both.

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