This Economy Stinks!

OR, Is it time for you to be part of the NEW Economy?
Are you looking at opposition or opportunity?
It all depends on your mindset!

ARE you ready for a new CAREER?

Maybe you have heard of the tale of the two salesmen who went to Africa.
The story goes like this:   Two salesmen from competing companies are sent to a foreign country to assess the market for shoes. Salesman One scouts around for a few days and then goes to the telegraph office to contact company headquarters.
He writes:  Research complete.  Unmitigated disaster.  Nobody here wears shoes.
Likewise, Salesman Two does his research and heads for the same telegraph office.
Once there, he writes: Research complete.   Glorious opportunity!  Nobody here wears shoes. 

Which will you be like?

Is it time for you to
take your knowledge and expertise
and become a part of the NEW ECONOMY?

Get your certification in 3 months, or make use of the coaching classes as a way to get yourself motivated and as a way to make the changes in your own life that are necessary. Once you commit and invest in the program, it is available to you to take as often as you like.

Yes, sign me up!

3 months to change your life!
We are discounting the cost from $1997.00 to: $697.00 which includes:

  • Registration in our 12 week intensive Become a Certified Coach Training Program
  • Experience as a Coach and a Client
  • Certified Life Coach Mentor and a buddy coach to practice
  • Access to an ever-growing library of tools, articles so you continue to grow
  • How to move from your present profession into coaching
  • 10 Module Self Study Course along with 10+ hours of audio training
  • (The cost of the program is worth this Bonus alone!)
  • Upon successful completion of this course you will receive your ACC Certification from IICS!

Coaching 101: Questions and Answers New Coaches Have

  • Why coaching works
  • Knowing the roles and responsibilities of the coach and the client
  • Being able to distinguish between coaching, consulting and therapy
  • Introduction and explanation of the ICF coaching model – and why it works
  • Introduction to paperwork to register your clients
  • How much time to schedule with your clients
  • Tele-coaching versus face-to-face coaching

How to Be a Great Coach

  • How to use NLP techniques as well as other techniques to reframe your client’s experience
  • How to conduct your first meeting using theClient Questionnaire
  • How to ask empowering questions and give effective feedback
  • How to most effectively strategize, set goals, and inspire your clients into action
  • How to gain trust with your coaching clients
  • How to conduct your second & third meetings
  • How to help your clients unlock their passions and to become aligned with their intentions
  • How to find clients and connect with them to build long term coaching relationships
  • Practice your skills in your own relationships

Launching Your Coach Business, Marketing & Monetizing

  • Determining your target market (your ideal client) and how to find it
  • Learning specific and inexpensive ways to get the most from your marketing efforts
  • How to find your perfect niche
  • Where to advertise and when
  • Selling the benefits of your coaching skills to your prospects with confidence
  • How to create a high profile in your community and, in the process, get paid for it
  • Creating networks of business partnerships to help you grow your business

More questions?
Visit: Coach Academy Inc or contact your mentor coach, Sandra Lenington by phone or email.

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