What is the Difference Between a Vision and a Mission Statement?

Very simply, a vision is how you would like your life to be in the future.

A mission statement is how you act in present.


Vision (future):

I awake every morning and smile. I smile as I know that my business meetings are going to go well and be profitable for all involved. I now own my own profitable coaching company that generates over $1 million annually.

I live in a wonderful water front home that is well furnished and filled with floor to ceilings windows.

I exercise, meditate than head to work for the morning. I am grateful that I only work mornings as this leaves plenty of time to boat and enjoy the outdoors with my family.

And on on….

My mission (present):

To let people know how easy and amazing life can be and to help them show others. As God decides and God directs me to.

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